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March 16, 2022

Brain Matters

Brain Matters

As it’s brain awareness week going on. For people, at every education level, has a lot to know about his/her own brain. We are here to share some info, facts and a great discussion,  Having special attention on - India and the awareness in the country.

The episode is hosted by Niraj Gupta. Cheers to Nisha Kumari and Pratyush Mishra who discussed Brain awareness. Also, thanks to La Vida, the Biology Club of IISER Berhampur, India for the collab for Brain Awareness Week 2022. Thanks to Science up! Team and Mayank Agarwal for helping in editing the audio.

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Find below links to factsheets, puzzles, tests for brain and few research articles for reference.

Puzzles: https://bit.ly/Scienceup-puzzles

Fact sheets (How we see, smell, taste, hear and neurotransmission, stroke etc): https://bit.ly/scienceup-factsheets

How does brain work: https://bit.ly/scienceup-brainworking

Cognitive test - Wisconsin Card sorting test: https://www.psytoolkit.org/experiment-library/experiment_wcst.html

COVID-19 and brain



La Vida website: https://sites.google.com/iiserbpr.ac.in/lavida

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