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Oct. 28, 2019

Halloween Freaky Stories with Aaron Nabus

Halloween Freaky Stories with Aaron Nabus

SBP Podcast: The voice of mobile film™

SBP Podcast: The voice of mobile film™ 

A very special episode of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking with one of our ambassadors, Aaron Nabus from San Diego. Episode 68 is also our first episode with a new podcast host service…which was a good excuse to revamp our podcast. 

We recorded this episode Sunday, October 27 which happened to be the day we officially launched the SBP Podcast in 2017.

Aaron and I discuss Halloween as a holiday. I share the production aspect of Halloween. But the conversation turns freaky as I share a real ghost or spirit experience I had and I have never shared in public before, and Aaron had just heard for the first time.

We spoke about some of the freaky films from our last film festival last April. We share links to the videos below, along with other links referring to people we mention in this episode. And then we discuss some opinions about what we think makes films scary, and it’s usually not monsters and zombies.

We also discuss the fires which were taking place in Northern California and a bit about my personal experience in two fire evacuations living in the San Diego mountains in 2008.

In this episode I also shared my favorite microphone brand and why it’s my favorite.

Aaron Nabus is co-founder of the Hall H Show Podcast: The voice of independent creators



Mentioned in this episode: 

Freaky Films from IMFF 2019

Selfie by Narelle Nash


Clickbait Ryan Phillips



Anthony De La Cruz



Keithan Jones Black Com!x Day February 22 & 23



Star Wars Steampunk Universe



Red Carpet 2019 Video with Star Wars Steampunk Universe



Sean Thomas 

Shady Grove Halloween Walk Smartphone Video

Music composed and Video Shot by Sean Thomas



Trailer IMFF 2019 Music Composed by Sean Thomas



Evil Voice by Anthony De La Cruz

Intro Sound Design by Susy Botello

Music by Susy Botello


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