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SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking

SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking

The Voice of Mobile Film™ is for everyone who ever wanted to or is curious about making movies and videos using smartphones. S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) is a pioneer in the mobile filmmaking industry.


Behind The Scenes Indie Filmmaking - Caroline Spence and James Smith

July 23, 2021

Caroline Spence and James Smith are the brilliant filmmakers behind Raya Films, in the UK. They’ve been producing films and videos together since around 2004. And they’ve produced two feature length films using smartphone cameras. Most of the people I’ve...

The Proximity of Film and Identity with Brionne Olsen

July 13, 2021

Brionne Olsen is an audio engineer, filmmaker and storyteller. Bringing his audio skills that he’s acquired working in radio to the “theater of the mind” with film was a natural progression. In episode 103 of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking, we share i...

It Takes A Village To Make A Movie - Levi Austin Morris

June 16, 2021

Actors teaming up to make films together is impressive. And it’s happening more and more often with the rise of smartphone filmmaking.  You may think an actor cannot make a quality film, but think again. They have spent countless hours on film sets. They...

Send A Message With Your Film - Arthur Mikheev

June 8, 2021

Arthur Mikheev was raised in Moscow, by parents who were skeptical of his interest in art as a career. Arthur was attracted to photography in his early days in school, but he soon found it to be complicated. It just wasn’t for him. So he became a musicia...