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Realize This Sooner To Succeed Faster

Realize This Sooner To Succeed Faster
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S A U N A I E Presents Realize This Sooner Than Later with our Host XO

Q u o t e s: Be Careful Who Has Access To You. They can Affect Everything: Your Vibe, Your Energy, Your Peace.

2nd: The Moment You Know Yourself You Have Known The Most Precious Thing in Existence.

S e g m e n t s: Realize This

1. Your 9 - 5 is someone's Passive Income: Find new ways to make money & create your own income stream.

2. You Shouldn't take advice from People who're Not Where You Want To be in Life.

3. No one is coming to solve your problems. Your Life is 100% your Responsibility.

4. If you find someone smarter than you, Work with Them, don't compete

5. Comfort is the worst addiction & a cheap ticket to Depression.

6. Don't tell people more than they need to know, Respect Your Privacy.

7. Keep your Standards High & Don't Settle for Something because it's Available.

8. The Family you Create is more important than the Family You Come From.

9. Train yourself to Take Nothing Personally to Save Yourself from 99% of Mental Problems

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o u t r o: Let Go of All That No Longer Serves You.

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