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Ep. 241: Tiny Life Changing Habits

Ep. 241: Tiny Life Changing Habits
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S A U N A I E Presents Tiny Life Changing Habits 

Q u o t e s: Don't Let Anyone including yourself Speak Negatively About You

2nd: You've survived everything life has thrown at you, because you're Warrior

S e g m e n t s: Tiny Life Chaging Habits

1. Everyday Write 3 Things You're Grateful For.

2. Say "No" more often. People will walk all over you if you say "YES" to Everything.

3. Ask Yourself Whether What You're Doing is Worth it?

4. Invest in Experience

5. Declutter Your Workspace.

6. Do A Brain Dump

7. Giveaway Things You Don't Need

8. Keep Track of Your Money.

9. Split Your Tasks into bite-sized Actionable Steps. 

10. Try Social Media Detoxification Every Once in a While.

11. Use DND more often

12. Spend 30 mins. daily doing "Nothing"

13. Prepare your clothes the night before.

14. Head Full of Thoughts? Go for a Walk

15. Read 15 mins a Day

16. Let Go of Self-Critical Thoughts

H o u s e k e e p i n g

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o u t r o: Be Strong Enough to be Patient while You're Waiting For Your Blessings to Show Up.

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