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Ep. 240: How to Overcome Overthinking with XO

Ep. 240: How to Overcome Overthinking with XO
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Q u o t e s: Everything is Possible when you Believe in Yourself.

2nd: Everything comes to him who Hustles While He Waits.

S e g m e n t s: The People You Attract Are A Mirror of You.

1. The Problem is Rarely The Problem

2. Avoid Self-Rejection. 

3. Silence & Time

4. An important Question 

5. The Power of Now

6. Fact-Check Your Own Thoughts 

7. Acceptance is Peace

8. Health starts in your mind

H o u s e k e e p i n g

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O u t r o: You're A Walking Miracle, Never Doubt How Amazing You Truly Are.

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