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55. Maxime Hagenbourger, Founder @ SorareData - Building the future of play-to-earn companion apps [a web3 episode]

December 07, 2021

55. Maxime Hagenbourger, Founder @ SorareData - Building the future of play-to-earn companion apps [a web3 episode]
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In this 55th episode of "Runway Series Originals", I am thrilled to welcome Maxime Hagenbourger, Founder at SorareData.


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Fast-growing companies raising several hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital, sometimes attract in their wake independent players who have identified unmet needs and thus develop products in this large ecosystem born from the success of these scaleups. From this context there are two facts: the certain initial dependence of these emerging actors on these ecosystems but also the opportunity for them to create new categories, by emancipating themselves as they meet success themselves and get traction.And other very insightful takes.

This is the case with Soraredata, the go-to platform for every Sorare player. Founded in June 2020 by Maxime Hagenbourger, SorareData provides data and tools to enhance the experience of every Sorare manager: aggregated market data, football players stats, decision-making tools & side games are amongst the key features of the platform. From its inception, SorareData has become the key companion app for every Sorare player to make sure they thrive and succeed in the game: more than 80% of 10+ Sorare card owners are registered on SorareData.

Maxime recently declared With the emergence of play-to-earn games, players will look for companion apps to help them in their gaming experiences. Starting with Sorare managers, we look forward to taking part in the changes brought by this new gaming model, making players successful wherever they play.

In this 55th episode of "Runway Series Originals", Maxime talks about his technical skills in blockchain that he acquired during the crypto winter of 2018/2019, how he started Soraredata as a side project to help himself to be a better player on Sorare and why he decided to devote himself to it and raise funds (a seed of $ 700k with Seedcamp but also Kima Ventures, Cigny Labs and Sorare-itself). Maxime also explains how to overcome the challenges of a solo-founder even technical, the importance of thinking long-term and utility function for a web3 / crypto / play-to-earn project, why listen to users and the importance he places on recruiting passionate people, how Soraredata serves the Sorare ecosystem and how Maxime intends to deploy the Soraredata experience in other ecosystems and other play-to-earn games... and many other exciting topics.

I am sure you will love this episode, we have a lot to cover so enjoy it right now.

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