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54. Kevin Primicerio, Co-Founder & CEO @ Pianity - Building a vertical NFTs marketplace for the music industry to bring back together artists and collectors.

October 21, 2021

54. Kevin Primicerio, Co-Founder & CEO @ Pianity - Building a vertical NFTs marketplace for the music industry to bring back together artists and collectors.
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In this 54th episode of "Runway Series Originals", I am thrilled to welcome Kevin Primicerio, Co-Founder & CEO at Pianity.

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2020 has turned the music industry on its head and taken away a key source of income for musicians. Because of this, artists have been seeking new methods to interact and develop with their audiences, which has led to the creation of NFT marketplaces, which provide numerous benefits to artists.

NFTs, also known as crypto collectibles, are one-of-a-kind assets that use blockchain technology to establish scarcity and value on one-of-a-kind artworks, connecting the virtual and real worlds.

Founded in Paris in March 2021 Pianity is the first French music NFT marketplace where artists and fans gather to create, collect and trade unique digital artworks guaranteed by the blockchain technology.

Through NFTs, Pianity vows to restore music’s art status and insure a new income stream to artists, helping them become more independent doing what they love. It is also a social platform that encourages discovery and creativity, as collecting is intrinsically social.

In this new Runway Series Originals episode, I had a lot of fun receiving Kevin Primicerio, its CEO & Co-Founder of Pianity who has a fascinating and versatile background which has led to starting Pianity.

In this issue, Kevins shares

  • everything on his brackground, from being passionate about space, research, physics and his haha moment moment that brought him to entrepreneurship
  • his first months at 42 aka Ecole 42 a one of a kind self-paced coding school and how 42 Entrepreneurs started
  • the Hook Genesis, being 42 Entrepreneurs' startup accelerator, how they iterated and what's next
  • the rationale of building Pianity and how Pianity intends to solve the problem Spotify has created
  • Why would you go and buy NFTs on Pianity and the benefits for artists
  • more about the traction since launch, their past fundraise and the upcoming utiltiy token sales and the rights attached to the tokens for both the artists and the collector

And other very insightful takes.

I am sure you will love this episode, we have a lot to cover so enjoy this episode right now.

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