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Learned a lot about tech from this podcast. The links in the podcast are very useful. Thank you Rich.

Love Rich on Tech

Been watching Rich on KTLA as far back as he’s been on. I look forward to his tips and now I don’t feel cheated if I miss his KTLA presentation. I just listen to his podcasts and I get far more than I ever did. Rich I really appreciate all of the effort that you put into your Podcasts thank you ver…

Best Tech Podcast!!

I have been listening to this podcast for quite a while now. I am an IT tech support geek. I support the servers, work stations, printers, network, iPhones & iPads at work. Whenever Rich reads a tech question, I often have a solutuion. It is not always the same solution, but it is nice to hear oth…

Love Rich on Tech

Thanks Rich for all the great info you provide! Love when I get to see you on KTLA but I don’t catch it all the time. I started following you on IG and felt more connected and now I’m leaning in further with your podcast. I feel much more in the know, thanks to you. It’s a bit cool to be able to sh…

Tech GOD

Best 30 min workout ever!! Thank you Rich for blessing us with tech knowledge & power! Very informative and love his candor! I’m doing a 30 day challenge please keep more episode coming & everyone keep on subscribing!! 😎

Tech Sharing

This young man has turned Tech sharing into an Art........stay blessed Rich

Rich tells you what you need to know!

I look forward to this podcast every week. Rich doesn’t take time troubleshooting someone’s problem with windows. He tells you what is new and fun in tech. He is personable, knowledgeable and has given me great advice in one of his Facebook live events. Thank you!


i am learnig a lot from rich he makes everything very simple to understand

Very Good Podcast

Great content and very useful technical information. Looking forward to it every week. Keep up the good work.

Love the Shows

Rich is great and the shows are easy to listen to. Rich has great content and you can tell in his voice that he loves what he does. His passion comes out in each and every podcast and reviews he does. Also check out his Instagram post on Rich on Tech.

A Jersey guy with a world of technical knowledge

I’ve been listening to Rich for a few years now. I love that he talks directly to you, like he wants to help you and not necessarily help promote the product. However, if he is passionate about a product, he will certainly stand behind it and help you get the most out of it. The podcast is well pr…

Love this pod!!

Rich always has great tech information to share. Highly recommend!!!!

Thank You

Great as always! Thank you for sharing your knowledge in a very easy to understand way!

Great podcast!

Love the information Rich gives on every podcast he does! Always look forward to the next one! Thanks Richontech! Keep up the hard work!

Awesome tech podcast!

I love this podcast. Always has such great info and advice for everyone. I look forward to it each week. Thank you!

My Friday isn’t complete without this Podcast

When you think you know just about everything about household tech, you haven’t until you listen to Rich on Tech. Rich keeps me posted on the latest tech along with new things to try from the latest apps on iOS or Android, to home networking and mobile devices. I’m quite new to his podcasts so more…

Great podcast

Rich and Meghan, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your Podcasts. I have learned so much about my iPhone. I have both of your books and I look forward to your new podcast every week. I tell everyone that they should be listening to it because it’s so informative. I like the fact that yo…

Rich on Tech

Rich helps me keep me up-to-date on the latest technology and helps me when I have tech problems.

Timely Tech & tips explained, researched well

Great tech info, tips, questions answered in an understandable way. Rich clearly has high tech credentials but he doesn’t show off his knowledge but makes it his goal to be the conduit of his insights to the rest of us. He also doesn’t assume the listener has unlimited funds and he seeks to identif…

Best Tech Podcast

We all have too many podcasts to listen to. Rich Demuro and Producer Megan provide the most information in short weekly podcasts to help you stay on top of personl tech developments. These two have developed excellent podcast chemistry and are a pleasure to listen to. They also produce an avalanche…

My Favorite Tech Podcast

Rich is awesome! I’ve been a fan since his days before CNET. If you want timely, relevant tech news, from mobile computing - iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc., to apps, WiFi routers and network tips, internet providers, practical internet security anything tech including smart spending on tech - Rich …


After hearing of the Libby app on your podcast I decided to download it. I’m hooked. I love it. I use many of your tips and find them invaluable. Thanks and keep it up. By the way your iPhone book is quite useful since I’m a fairly new iPhone convert.

Good Tech show

This is my Saturday morning regular listen.

Wow. One of the greatest tech guys out there

An absolute must listen to. Even if your not tech savvy... he explains it in English!!! Kudos to you Rich. Thank you for all you do!!!

He makes Tech understandable

This is a great show for anyone that is unsure about tech as it moves rapidly forward. Rich will help you make purchasing decisions by being well informed. He will also help to simplify concepts of how things work. He has an easy going way of delivering the information without being condescending.…

Love this podcast!

It’s very informative! Rich is great and very prepared!

The Best!!!

I always enjoyed watching you on KTLA. So informative but quick... now I have started listening to your podcast and I am enjoying every bit!!! Thanks for all the great tips and info.

Tech for the masses

Rich Demuro does a great job translating the rapid changes in tech for those of us just looking to be up to date on a budget. I thought this would get old after an episode or two, but not at all. Producer Meghan and Rich have a great rapport and this is currently at the top of my weekly must listen…

Valuable content without all the blab

This is my new favorite tech podcast. I tend to think Rich’s TV experience allows him to be naturally lean with his content. I don’t have to fast forward through all types of “Witty” banter - he packs in detail and fills the show with things I want to know in a very relatable way - his schedule so…

Tech Info you'll be glad you listened to

So many of the tech podcasts are slow moving, dry, and are nothing more than someone else reading a tech article to you. Rich DeMuro is none of that. He speaks right to the point and tells you what you need to know. Rich keeps things moving and always delivers an interesting podcast week after week.

Great pod

I discovered Rich when he was guest on another tech podcast and decided to give a listen. I’m extremely picky with who I listen to since I want the info that I want in the quickest way. After listening to two shows, I subscribed and have been listening since. Rich provides meaningful info that can …


This podcast is great. He always has great information.

Good tech content in bite size podcasts

Sharp and informative. Rich picks interesting tech topics and quickly gets to the point with great insight and quality critiques.

Great Tech Information

This is an awesome podcast that keeps me up to date in the tech world. Rich DeMuro does an exceptional job bringing that information to the listeners. Highly recommended!

Great tech info plain and simple

Thanks Rich I love your podcast. It’s so informative and fun to listen to. I listen every day in Alexa. Thank you.

Best tech info ever

rich on tech gives the best tech information around on the latest products I will only buy products that Rich has given me info on thanks for all the help Rich. love the podcast keep up the great work

A podcast I look forward to

Rich does a great on this podcast! Check it out if you are into the latest tech!

Much needed info

Rich on Tech always delivers great information. Love his podcasts & TV spots. I'm such a techie dinosaur, but I can pick up nice tidbits to help me get a little more up to speed.