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Feb. 19, 2021

LastPass makes major changes to free plan

Samsung S21 features come to S20 phones; Chromebook sales are up; LastPass makes its free plan less useful; Antivirus apps for iPhone and Android; Apple TV app comes to Chromecast with Google TV; Google Maps lets you pay for parking meters.

Listeners ask about a computer deal that seems too good to be true, how to spot scam voicemails and emails, best website for finding cheap flights, how to save contacts and more from one phone to another and the best device to buy a kid who wants to create music.


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Samsung S21 features to S20

Chromebook sales

LastPass changes

Do you need antivirus on iPhone?

Apple TV app on Chromecast

Google Maps pay for parking

Spotting scam emails

Google Flights

Google One to save data