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Andrew specializes in culture change consultancy. He has been coaching for 30 years and has worked in professional and organizational development for the last 20 years, coaching and facilitating leaders and teams to shape cultures, collaborate effectively, and deliver better results. He founded The Hive Change Consultancy (originally Preseli Partnerships) in 2008. The Hive works internationally to bring the best support possible to organizations and leaders determined to make an impact. He is the host of Beeline - Lead the Way, The Hive's leadership podcast, and the creator of The STORM Process (R), a powerful process to help teams collaborate and innovate more effectively to face the kind of complex stakeholder challenges we face today.

Is It Time for Leadership to Let Go of Control?
April 20, 2023

Is It Time for Leadership to Let Go of Control?

Is there a sustainable approach that can enable teams to make a positive, long-term impact without sacrificing profit and growth? Tune in to find out.

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