June 21, 2023

Mental Health Mayday—Building Your New Emotional Wellness Program | S3 E25

Don't miss our latest episode of Responder Resilience! Our guest, Jason Corthell, Director of Ironclad Wellness, Division Chief of Training, and Emergency Services District 13, shares his personal story of overcoming post traumatic stress and addiction. He has created a groundbreaking emotional wellness program for first responders, and is dedicated to providing them with the help they need.

Join us on the latest episode of Responder Resilience as we speak with Jason Corthell, the Director of Ironclad Wellness and Division Chief of Training at Harris County TX Emergency Services District 13. In this episode, Jason shares his personal experiences with post traumatic stress and addiction, which stem from being inside a structural collapse at a working fire.

He has since created a groundbreaking Emotional Wellness program, equipped with standard operating procedures, standard operating guidelines and other documentation, to help first responders overcome the mental health challenges they may face.

Through his website, https://www.ironcladwellness.com, Jason has influenced many others to take up the cause of providing emotional support to first responders in their pursuit to maintain optimal mental health. Don't miss this insightful episode of Responder Resilience!

Jason CorthellProfile Photo

Jason Corthell

Division Chief | Speaker | Wellness/Fitness Director | Author

Chief Jason Corthell, a 4th generation firefighter who started his career in 2004. Jason also a proud Marine Corps Veteran after serving four years.

Chief Corthell also serves as the Division Chief of Training and the Wellness/Fitness Director for his department as well as many other works within the organizations public relation roles.

Jason has a great passion and drive for progressing mental wellness in first responder organizations through both personal and professional battles and experiences. He has implemented and influenced many others in the pursuit of providing first responders the help that they need by starting an initiative website www.ironcladwellness.com. Jason is also in the beginning stages of writing his book, Disentanglement Division.