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Feb. 19, 2021

Youtube - Our Reporting Accounts Channel

Your Tube

Our Youtube channel can be found here.

We have been active on Youtube for about 10 years now, as we have moved from business venture to venture, the channel has moved with us, anyway now it features our Reporting Accounts podcasts.

What is great about Youtube is that it has a huge customer base of its own, so even if a user doesn't arrive via a search engine query, they may arrive from an internal Youtube search.  It therefore makes real sense to have our Podcasts showcased via our Youtube channel.

RA Living Pension

This is a video about the concept of a real living pension, its an extension of the concept of a living wage.

In today's podcast our resident financial expert Adrian Lawrence talks about a the living pension, this is a new concept which follows the example of the real living wage but applies to pensions.  The UK has a two tier pension system, the state pension which is fixed and based on a fixed amount for every year worked up to 35 years, the second tier is known as auto enrolment and is contribution based system currently set at 8% of a band of earnings.  5% comes from the employee (4% and 1% tax relief) and 3% from the employer.

French Connection

This company has been in the news as it has received two takeover approaches at the same time, this sounds very positive from a shareholder point of view as their share price had really dropped in 2020.

French Connection rejected a takeover in January 2020 as being too low, that bid was around 40p but since then the high street shopping channel in the UK has been very seriously impacted by the three pandemic lockdowns. The share price has been bombed out as have other companies who operate in the retail, leisure or hospitality sectors. Towards the end of last year 2020, their share price was trading around the 10p level. Now following on from the speculation surrounding retail brands and the actual announcement on Friday of formal takeover approaches, their price has jumped to 25p

Dr Martens

The British bootmaker has been in the news following its successful IPO on the London Stock market.

Their price was set at £3.70 per share at opening they quickly moved to £4.25 and closed at around £4.50 representing a 22% rise on the day, this is a great result given the unsettled time for the UK economy and bodes well for other large floatations due soon including Moonpig plc. The LSE code for Dr Martens is DOCS and its the largest IPO the London market has seen since September 2020.

Moonpig report busiest ever week

Moonpig group plc the recently listed greetings card online retailer reported its strongest ever week over the valentines day period. The company now expects its revenues for the year to 30th April to be around double the £173m it reported in the previous year. The shares rose 2.5% to £4.45 in early trading on Thursday.

The increase in demand saw the "strongest ever trading week in the Group's history" the company said in a brief statement. It shows that the pandemic has had a positive impact on the groups trading as most high street competitors are closed due to the UK's lockdown. What happens once the country re-opens and life returns more to normal remains to be seen. This is still a very positive result for the company.

Please keep visiting our channel as its a great way to find out news and insights into the more than 4.8 million UK companies that we have within our website https://www.reportingaccounts.com