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Feb. 17, 2021

Podchaser - so impressed with this site

Podchaser is a really impressive site, its built as a combination of both a directory and community all of course dedicated to podcasting.

Podchaser website

I ran a content community site for many years, called Article Alley  and I know how important it is to have engagement with your users and members, and this site does it in bucket loads, their feature list is really impressive and I can't think of a site I admire as much as theirs!

Podchaser profile

Just take a look at the features on my profile page https://www.podchaser.com/users/reportingaccts

Its really rich with great features

  • Followers and following
  • Top 8 podcast panel
  • Activity section
  • Reviews
  • Lists

Compared to everyone else it really is streets ahead, I really feel I can learn a lot from them, and I am sure their already great success will only be bettered as they are great in everyway.

Spotify the Swedish streaming company have been in the news today, as they are announcing their staff can work from home or an office and also have the flexibility to work from international locations.The Spotify announcement follows similar move
Dr Martens the UK bootmaker saw a successful first day of trading on Friday when it's IPO closed at £4.50, the shares were priced at £3.70 and quickly moved up to £4.25 at the opening.  It's the largest IPO on the London Stock Market since September 2020 and is very welcome as it signals a return of confidence in the IPO market.
In todays podcast our resident financial expert Adrian Lawrence talks about Reddit and how a subgroup on the popular social media platform have combined together to drive up the share price of a company called Gamestop.
I keep coming back to this site, and out of all of them I've found so far, I am enjoying and taking part in it the most, so they must be good and must be doing something right!