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Feb. 17, 2021

Places to find Reporting Accounts

We have been busy over the last few weeks working on our podcasts, but the team doesn't just make podcasts, we create great content and publish it around the internet.   We really enjoy content marketing, and our team include writers and outreach specialists.

About us - Reporting Accounts

You can read more here https://www.reportingaccounts.com/about-us/

Here are a few places where you can find our content.

Podcasting on Mystrikingly - we have been using strikingly for about 18 months, and really enjoy its interface and that we can build a professional looking themed website in no time at all.

Get Podcasting on Blogspot - Blogspots are fun, they are somewhat dated these days and have a limited range of templates, but we started using the web back in 2006 and old habits die hard, plus we are somewhat attached to our old ways.

Podcasting on Github - Our Github is used by the dev team for communication about the sites coding development, we have found a little time to use it for blogging / make use of its wiki feature.

Adrian Lawrence on Medium - I write about podcasting and loads of other topics over here on my Medium account.  Their site is probably the strongest one I have a connection with I really enjoy their features and being a part of their huge community.

Ko fi - We are new to this site and we are looking forward to seeing if we can get traction from being a part of it, we already like it!

Bandcamp this is a real music site, but does seem to allow podcasters a way in also, trying it out at the moment, hopefully we'll get some traction.

Linktre this is a bookmarking service which is very popular with the celebs and influencers on Instagram, not that we are anything like those, but we are using the same service!

Vimeo - A rival to Youtube, its a good site with many nice feature, not yet the traffic levels of Youtube but getting there.

Pinterest - Always a wonderful place, so many creative people in the world getting their message out this way, we love it!

There are many many more great places, our team really gets around!