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Feb. 17, 2021

Patreon a great place to find Patrons

We joined Patreon at the same time as we found podpage, we noticed that other podcasters were looking for Patrons and felt this was an area that was a good option for us also.

Our company is small currently, whilst we have great ambition and ideas, and maybe ego's too!, the reality is that we are a small UK based start up, not far past the initial seed stage of investment and we need help and support and loyal customers to grow our way up and onwards from this starting point.


Our Patreon Page

What we like about Patreon is that we can post regularly there in something like a blog style of format.  At the moment we are finding our feet over there aswell, but some examples of our posts include:-

French Connection Receives takeover bids

Podcast Press release

Hopefully we will soon pick up a bunch of regular supporters, its a tough time at the moment to be building up a startup business and we operate in a highly competitive niche market.