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Feb. 17, 2021

iHeart Radio featuring our shows

Its great to see our content on iHeart Radio, they have so many really good podcasts, it feels special to be part of their success!

iHeart Radio

Our content is doing nicely on their site too!  Here are just a couple of great examples:-

Virgin Wines IPO coming soonToday Adrian Lawrence our resident financial expert is talking about Virgin Wines, this is a company that was formerly associated with Richard Branson but was subsequently sold to a management team and private equity houses.

The company is joining the London aim market on 2nd March and is likely to be valued at £100m.  As with other recent IPO's the company has traded successfully during the pandemic lockdowns as its business model is digitally based.

Techpats increasingly popular lifestyle choiceIn today's episode Adrian Lawrence talks about how digital nomads are deciding to stay long term overseas and are setting themselves up as techpats.  These are long term digital nomads who decide on a country for residence and base themselves there.

Cyprus is proving popular as such a destination as it has a great climate, its part of the EU, residency can be obtained by staying 90 days per year and its corporation tax rate is very competitive at 12.5%.

In today's podcast Adrian Lawrence talks about Lookers plc the UK motor dealership which was suspended for 6 months following an accounting fraud scandal.  This resulted in the departure of the companies chairman and CFO and their replacement with a new team of experienced industry professionals.  Their auditors have also been replaced.
We are hoping for great things from these guys as the year goes on ))