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Feb. 17, 2021

Google Podcasts and Reporting Accounts episodes

Google is always a force to be reckoned with, and we felt it was surprising that they were late coming to the podcasting world, as they have many years ago announced they saw their future as a media company.  Anyway better late than never!

Google Podcasts

Thanks to Anchor FM we are part of Google Podcast !  What we like about them is that they of course have the ability to feature our podcasts in their Search Engine results and we can already see this when we search and see our artwork in their podcast carousel.

Google podcast featuring Reporting AccountsIts pretty impressive to see these at the top of the search results, which must translate into great traffic for all the podcasts that are in their podcast area.

More episodes from Reporting Accounts - news and updates
Here are some of our episode links
In today's episode our financial expert Adrian Lawrence talks about the Pound's foreign exchange rate, which has been rising over recent weeks.   There is growing optimism in the UK economy as the vaccination roll out program is on target with more than 15 million people now vaccinated, which means it is now more likely that the lockdown of retail, leisure and hospitality can end. The other significant factor in the exchange rate was Brexit where the uncertainty was lifted before the end of 2020 when the UK reach a withdrawl agreement with the EU.
In today's episode Adrian Lawrence our in-house financial professional talks about Land Rover Jaguar and how they are going all electric, the story in the press is that they are moving to an all electric line up, and plan to discontinue their petrol and diesel engine models at the end of their natural lifecycles.   This is a brave decision but also one that makes long term sense, the sales of petrol and diesel cars has to decline as the UK has committed to move to being net carbon neutral by 2050, so investing in a declining technology does not make sense.  Electric cars on the other hand are close to a tipping point in the UK and will soon overtake convential fueled vehicle sales.
In today's episode our resident financial professional talks about auditing during the Covid Pandemic, a qualified chartered accountant himself Adrian is familar with the auditing process.
French Connection the UK fashion retailer LSE:FCCN has received two takeover bids, in this episode our resident financial expert Adrian Lawrence discusses this and the changing dynamics in the high street.

French Connection rejected a takeover in January 2020 as being too low, that bid was around 40p but since then the high street shopping channel in the UK has been very seriously impacted by the three pandemic lockdowns.  The share price has been bombed out as have other companies who operate in the retail, leisure or hospitality sectors.   Towards the end of last year 2020, their share price was trading around the 10p level.

Overall we are really excited to be part of this and feature in the great way we are and we are really looking forward to tracking our listeners converting through into site visitors and users.