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Feb. 17, 2021

Audible - Reporting Accounts

It's great to see that our podcasts now feature on Audible, which is part of Amazon.


Here are links to just a few of our episodes:-

Spotify offering worldwide and home working to their staff
Spotify the Swedish streaming company have been in the news today, as they are announcing their staff can work from home or an office and also have the flexibility to work from international locations.

The Spotify announcement follows similar moves by Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook.  It does have implications for the broader economy as more and more companies move away from the traditional city centre office location it brings into question the viable of many businesses which otherwise rely on footfall.

Techpats increasingly popular lifestyle choice

In today's episode Adrian Lawrence talks about how digital nomads are deciding to stay long term overseas and are setting themselves up as techpats.  These are long term digital nomads who decide on a country for residence and base themselves there.

We are have been working with Amazon for a while, you can find some of their audio products on their country specific stores e.g Amazon UK , Amazon USA and Amazon Australia

It's amazing how strong Amazon is as a brand, considering it is still a relative young company.