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Updates from the team at the Business Intelligence leader Reporting Accounts, we bring you the latest news and updates from the UK's business community. We track the filed accounts covering more than 4.8 million UK companies and are rapidly buiding a free to use database of that data. We are a great source of free data for marketing or monitor your competitors, suppliers and customers. Join the growing number of users using our service on a regular basis to protect and develop their businesses.

You can learn more about our business and meet some of our team by visiting our about us page or blog.

Our Reporting Accounts blog contains news and updates from companies in the news and about our own website.

We have a couple of mini sites dedicated to our podcasting activities these are:

Reporting Accounts on Strikingly.

Reporting Accounts on Blogspot

Reporting Accounts also gets in the news from time to time, see the following to give you an idea

Business Intelligence services launches own podcast

UK Business Intelligence provider

We are always adding new features and functionality so keep coming back.

Companies in the news.

We try and track as many companies as we can making comment on their accounts, but its a challenge as their are 4.8million companies to monitor