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Building Better Relationships

I love Janice's easy style. The conversations flow so seemlessly and every episode provides great insights into the importance of building better business relationships.

It's all about relationships

It's all about your relationships, with yourself and others. In her interviews, she creates a relationship with her guest, and shares that relationship with the listeners. Her interviews are personal and conversational, drawing in the listener to learn how all sorts of relationships matter.

Listen in on a great conversation

Janice’s conversation with her guests is very authentic. It sounds more like friends chatting vs. an interview. Each episode is packed with value. Highly recommend!

Relationship is everything

Janice Porter is very inspiring. She practiceses what she preaches. Always putting relationship first.

Always curious

Janice asks such thoughtful questions of her guests. I continue to learn something née with each episode.

Dynamic and useful content

Jancie Porter knows how to ge tthe most from her guests. I love her focus on relationships! Janice asks great questions, and invites guests who offer provocative commentary on life and business.


Janice not only has great guests, but knows what great questions to ask! She is a true pro and her interviews really help me build relationships and connections.

Want to build your business with relationships

Then start with a relationship to this podcast Janice is someone you should get to know

Wonderful Podcast!!

I love Janice’s style of being more of authentic conversations with her guests verses just an interview...check this wonderful podcast out & learn some great things along the way!!

Genuine and authentic

Just like networking should be, the conversation with Janice Porter and her guests is genuine and authentic. You'll always walk away with something of value each episode.

Great podcast.

Lots of tips and recommendations being shared. Janice asks great questions of her guests.

Excellent Show

Janice delivers great content with wonderful guests....I look forward to more interesting topics...