Aug. 3, 2019

Get Real About Relationship

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Lon and Sandy Golnick were interviewed in the mid-2000s by their good friend and associate Jill Raiguel, MS, MST, and who is a California Marriage & Family Therapist. It was recorded and engineered by Bill Corkery Productions. The recording became a CD which we've released here as the first podcast episode for Relationship By Design. What follows is the original CD liner notes.

This episode contains 3 parts to the interview:

  • Fantasy
  • "I" Base
  • Conditions

If you have been disappointed, upset or frustrated in your relationships, or if your relationships have become mundane or ordinary, this is for you!

Neither you nor the others in your relationships - whether intimate, family, work or community relationships - planned it to be that way. So maybe it's not your fault, or theirs. Maybe the fault lies in misunderstandings that you and they have unwittingly been drawn into about the whole nature and design of relationship.

Get Real About Relationship explores the traps built into the design of relationships and sets you free to experience a new peace, ease, and fulfillment in all your relationships.


Jill Raiguel, MS, MST, California Marriage & Family Therapist

Bill Corkery Productions

Sandy & Lon Golnick