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Jan. 3, 2023

West Point Team Building with Charles Chandler

West Point Team Building with Charles Chandler

Charles Chandler (Trey) is the Co-Founder and COO of My Tennessee Home Solution, a real estate solution company composed of veterans dedicated to hard work and service in the civilian world just as they were during their time in service to their country. Currently transitioning out of the military, Charles looks to help others use their God-given gifts and talent to help themselves and others.

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Charles Chandler is the Chief of Operations with My Tennessee Home Solution, a real estate solution company serving Middle Tennessee.
During his time at West Point, Charles built and fostered the relationships with the classmates that would soon become his MTHS
co-workers. The company is composed of Veterans who are dedicated to serving others and making fair offers. Charles and the rest of the team are honest, hard-working people who want to assist homeowners in making the best decision for their properties.

As Charles looks to transition out of the military, he still carries a passion for serving and helping others through real estate. He is very proud of their identity as a Veteran, and that is why his company has made it a part of its mission to give back to Veterans in the community, donate a portion of our profits to programs such as Gold Star Family, Folds of Honor, Wounded Warrior, and Team RWB.

Having led the acquisition of over 100 properties with the company, Charles also assisted with the acquisition of a $3 million dollar hotel
in Chattanooga, and simultaneously owns many personal properties. My Tennessee Home Solution has completed $10 million in transaction volume in the last year with $1.2 million in revenue. They are on track for $3 million in revenue this year and plan to continue to scale their business to the commercial space.

Connect with Charles Chandler: https://www.mytennesseehomesolution.com/


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