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I am hooked

One of the most easy to digest podcasts. Love how the hosts are a delight to listen to and how the ideas and tips shared are actionable and easy to follow. Listen to one episode and you definitely will get hooked and left wanting more!

Give it a listen!

Good insights and perspective!

Awesome job with this podcast!

Great hosts that ask all the right questions! Don’t miss it!

Must Listen!

I highly recommend this podcast because Jack, Josh and their guests offer quality content and have a great amount of energy! This podcast is full of actionable tips for real estate investing and accruing wealth. The strategies, information and inspiration will help any rookie breaking into real estate!


I'm just learning about real estate investment and this podcast is a great teacher!

The Definitive Real Estate Investing Podcast

I feel like I've learned so much about Real Estate Investing from this podcast!

Great show!

I've been interested in learning about REI for a while, but some shows seem a bit over my head. Jack and Josh, along with their guests, really break it down and make it simple for anyone to understand. Keep up the great work!

Who Doesn't Want Financial Freedom??!

These guys do a great job making financial freedom more attainable through REI. They offer so much helpful info w/ the guests they interview and by sharing their own experiences. Highly recommend the REI Rookies Podcast if you're a rookie (or not)!

Great real estate show!

If you’re in real estate, this is your show! Love it!


Great hosts and great content!

Real Estate Rockstars!

Jack, Josh, and their wide variety of knowledgeable guests are truly rockstars! They’re making quality real estate investment knowledge accessible to everyone because they truly believe in the power it has to change lives. The great advice they provide, combined with the relatable way in which they deliver it had me hooked from the very first listen. Thanks for putting out such a stellar show guys - keep up the great work!

Great podcast

Thanks Jack and Josh for sharing your journey! Always great information. I listen every week. 🔥💪🏻👌🏻

Top Notch

I cannot say enough abot this podcast. It is simple and effective. I have even had a chance to sit down with Jack and Josh and talk shop and run some ideas by them in the recent past. They have been good to me especially in the face of me asking them literally 100s of questions. These are two guys getting it done in Real Estate and the content in these podcasts is realiable as these are first hand accounts of real success.


Impressive guests and valuable insight for entrepreneurs. I've enjoyed tuning into this podcast.

Authentic and Real

Love this podcast. I’ve listened to all of the episodes, and enjoyed listening as their business has grown from a couple of rookies, to a high performing real estate investing team. Lots of great information shared. Keep turning out the great episodes.

Great advice!

Great advice and I appreciate your transparency in sharing your learnings along the journey! Keep the podcasts coming!

Really good podcast

I’m a recent college grad who is working for a firm in their commercial real estate department. I started listening to these guys at Episode 1 (to try and be that new guy that knows a bit about real estate investing). I’m only through 12 episodes but they have motivated me and provided a plethora of knowledge in real estate investing. Good stuff. Highly recommend. Start at episode 1.

Great Information for a rookie.

Podcast is full of great information for rookies investers. They tell you how to avoid rookie mistakes that could potentially cost you money. Also tips on finding properties and exit strategies. Great Podcast.

Depth of knowledge and caring

It's time to hustle, it's time to take action, and it's time to learn. Learning about the real estate world wasn't something I thought I'd be doing this year, but here I am. Josh and Jack make it enjoyable!

Real Estate Rockstars

You can trust these guys' advice because they've actually done it. They live and breathe real estate investing in their own lives and have a formula for success (down to which color to paint your bathroom to yield an additional $6K on average). They're not just some reiterating theory. They actually do this stuff for a living. Great people, great podcast.

Great Information

Very interesting podcasts, a lot of this actually useful in our landscaping business. Very similar to finding the right customers (tenants to you) and pricing (sometimes I forget to add my own time into project costs). Thanks for the reminder! Lots of helpful information.


Jack and Josh, thank you for sharing. Great information.

Great job!

Great work guys! Awesome information!