Dec. 16, 2021

Real Estate Funds and The Circle of Wealth with Heather Dreves

Real Estate Funds and The Circle of Wealth with Heather Dreves

With us today is Heather Dreves, the Director of Funding at Secured Investment Corp and fund manager with, one of the fastest-growing companies in the private money marketplace in the US, focusing on residential real estate investments. Heather is passionate about helping self-employed entrepreneurs and their families build wealth and succeed in their business ventures and helping investors deploy capital that is looking for a high-yielding passive investment backed by residential real estate. She has seen real estate investors succeed and fail and is committed to tipping the scale to the side of success for everyone she can. Show notes at

Heather Dreves is the Director of Funding at Secured Investment Corp and a fund manager that oversees the management of the Secured Investment High Yield Fund II LLC and the Circle of Wealth Fund III LLC, Secured Investment Corp is one of the fastest-growing real estate lenders and fund managers in the US.

Secured Investment Corp has created two private equity funds to fill the void left by uncooperative traditional funding sources. Investors have the potential to earn double-digit returns based on past performance. By connecting real estate investors who needed non-traditional funding with passive investors who were ready to earn higher returns on their investments, Secured Investment Corp created an opportunity to benefit both sides.

Passive investors get higher returns and real estate investors get quick, competitive loans to use to purchase and rehab those properties that traditional lenders will not touch.

Heather enjoys lending money to self-employed entrepreneurs and their families. Watching people succeed in their business motivates her, and that’s why she and her lending team focus on transparency, mentorship, and making sure their people make their money back. She learned early on that focusing on the bottom line was not enough to sustain a business, and after foreclosures and property taxes caught up with many of her clients, she decided to change her approach. Now, seminars, classes, and success and accountability programs are all ways Heather and Secured Investment Corp are ensuring that their clients earn all their money back (and then some).

We chat about:

  • Why Real Estate Funds Are One of The Best Alternative Investments You Can Make
  • A Beginners Guide to First Lien Position Notes and How To Invest in Them
  • The Future of Residential Real Estate Markets
  • Investing through self-directed IRA’s and 401k’s
  • Invest in Real Estate without The Real Estate Hassle

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