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Nov. 14, 2021

Proactive Tax Advisors with Catherine Tindall

Proactive Tax Advisors with Catherine Tindall

With us today is Catherine Tindall, CPA and partner at Dominion Enterprise Services, a concierge tax advisory practice. With all the recent and upcoming tax changes, I am excited to talk to an expert that can help us, not only stay informed, but also provide some insight into how we can reduce our overall tax burden. Show notes at REIMastermind.net

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Catherine Tindall is a CPA specializing in advanced tax reduction who proactively works with clients to reduce what they pay in tax while supporting their greater wealth building and life goals. Her goal for every client is to provide a return on investment, in the first year, usually $15,000-100k+ in tax savings.

With a focus on automation, Catherine and her team set themselves apart by utilizing technology whenever possible to streamline their advisory services and to offer those services to anyone no matter where they are located. She is especially passionate about providing tools to support entrepreneurs and small business owners in navigating the changing tax landscape, as well as helping them reduce their overall tax burden through proactive strategies and advisory.

Most recently, Catherine appeared on Radio Entrepreneurs to share some insight on the COVID tax credits enabling listeners to take advantage of some of those credits that are still available.

We chat about:

  • Why having a mission driven company can serve more than just the owners
  • Navigating the changing tax landscape - what’s coming down the pipeline
  • Automations you can implement in your business today to exponentially elevate your client experience
  • The benefits of tax planning: how business owners can save in tax by working proactively with their tax professional
  • My entrepreneurial journey as a woman business owner
  • Utilizing COVID pandemic tax credits

Connect with Catherine Tindall:

As you can already tell we have made some changes and a few more are on the way. If you are interested in what we have planned, head over to



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