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May 18, 2023

Matching Lifestyle and Diet: The Key to Long-Term Success with Josh Whalen

Matching Lifestyle and Diet: The Key to Long-Term Success with Josh Whalen

On this episode of REI Mastermind Network, we dive into the world of diet plans, hormone therapy, and healthcare journeying as we look at ways to optimize our health. Our guest speakers expound on the importance of finding a diet plan that matches your lifestyle, focusing on whole foods and protein, and managing your caloric intake, and they go on to reveal the truth behind hormone therapy and prescription peptides. Furthermore, we learn about the importance of getting a physician consultation, the need for patients to ask detailed symptom-based questions and take ownership of their healthcare journey, the role of exercise for hormone balance, and tips for managing cortisol levels. We also explore strategies for navigating information overload in the healthcare industry and ways to optimize our mental and physical health alignment. Join us this week to learn how to make informed decisions about your health and achieve your goals!

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Josh Whalen is a successful real estate investor who has focused on the residential side for many years. He has owned about 15 homes over the course of his career, but recently shifted his portfolio due to the potential for a real estate market storm. Whalen has started to pivot towards the Aspen market and is also involved in larger commercial developments. He has recently gone under contract on a massive remodel in the Green Hills area of Nashville. Despite the recent changes, Whalen plans to remain invested in real estate as it has treated him well and brought him good fortune.

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