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Feb. 3, 2016

156: Box Office Report (1/29 - 1/31)

This week lots of lessons are learned. Tom teaches Joe how time works...

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Jan. 28, 2016

155: 'Dirty Grandpa' Starring Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza…

It’s a painful episode as we are subjected to 'Dirty Grandpa' – a movie so debased that even Creepy Joe was put off by it...

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Jan. 27, 2016

154: 'Dirty Grandpa' Box Office Report (1/22 - 1/24)

'The Revenant' still tops at the box office, as 'Star Wars' is closing in on a billion dollars domestic...

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Jan. 21, 2016

153: '13 Hours' Starring John Krasinski, James Badge Dale, David Denm…

John Launius is back to talk about '13 Hours.' He spends the bulk of the time explaining the C.I.A. to us like we’re third grader…

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Jan. 19, 2016

152: '13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi' Box Office Report

152: '13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi' Box Office Report

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Jan. 15, 2016

151: 'The Revenant' Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall G…

151: 'The Revenant' Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson

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Jan. 12, 2016

150: 'The Revenant' Box Office Report (1/8 - 1/10)

'The Force Awakens' is still number one at the box office, but that doesn’t mean 'The Revenant' can’t make money too...

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Jan. 7, 2016

149: 'Joy' Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper

Kelly Manno is back to discuss 'Joy.'Do you like patent law? Do you like mops? Then you are in for a treat. You know it was a rou…

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Jan. 5, 2016

148: 'Joy' Box Office Report (1/1 - 1/3)

We’re joined this week by Kelly Manno from the aptly titled "Kelly Manno Show." It’s a freewheeling exchange as 'Star Wars' is st…

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Jan. 1, 2016

147: 'The Hateful Eight' Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Wa…

147: 'The Hateful Eight" Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Walton Goggins, Jennifer Jason Leigh

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Dec. 29, 2015

146: 'The Hateful Eight' Box Office Report (12/25 - 12/27)

146: 'The Hateful Eight' Box Office Report (12/25 - 12/27)

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Dec. 23, 2015

145: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Starring John Boyega, Daisy Ridle…

This is where we normally have some sort of synopsis where we try to entice you to listen. “Dan said something old-timey. Tom was…

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Dec. 21, 2015

144: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Box Office Report (12/18-12/20)

The Box Office was pretty much a one trick pony this week. Apparently you saw Star Wars...

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Dec. 15, 2015

143: 'Santa Claus the Movie' w/ MST3K Guest Hosts Frank Conniff and T…

This week we take on "Santa Claus the Movie" with the help of MST3K's Frank Conniff and Trace Belieuve...

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Dec. 10, 2015

142: 'Krampus' Starring Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner

142: 'Krampus' - Legendary Pictures' Krampus, a darkly festive tale of a yuletide ghoul...

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Dec. 8, 2015

141: 'Krampus' Box Office Report (12/4 - 12/6)

This week we discuss the odd user names on iTunes, offer sound legal advice on assault, and talk about the Phil Collins unique Li…

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Dec. 4, 2015

140: 'Creed' Starring Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Th…

140: 'Creed' Starring Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson...

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Dec. 1, 2015

139: 'Creed' Box Office Report (11/25 - 11/29)

Spoiling the Biggest Films of the Year.

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Nov. 27, 2015

138: 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' Starring Jennifer Lawrence…

Hunger Games comes to a close, and we’re there to walk you through it...

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Nov. 24, 2015

137: 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' Box Office Report

Joe strolls in mid-conversation this week and it makes for an awkward moment. We also discuss digital media streaming and storage…

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Nov. 19, 2015

136: 'Love the Coopers' Starring John Goodman, Ed Helms, Diane Keaton…

And then there were two… Kevin is still “sick” and Blake had engagement photo retakes...

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Nov. 17, 2015

135: 'Love the Coopers' Box Office Report (11/13 - 11/15)

We're down to three this week, but that doesn't stop us from talking about the box office for 11/13 - 11/15...

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Nov. 12, 2015

134: 007 in 'SPECTRE' Starring Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Léa Sey…

Spoilers… Reel Spoilers. We talk Bond this week as Spectre hits theaters. All the Bond elements are in place – women, cars, guns.…

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Nov. 10, 2015

133: 'SPECTRE' Box Office Report (11/6 - 11/8)

In this week’s Box Office Report we finally determine T-Whitt’s profession, Tom desecrates the sanctity of Disneyland...

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