1290 ATW
March 23, 2023


While most Americans are trying to figure out why they are paying so much at the pump, the so-called elites are working hard to replace humanity with AI robotics. Making mainstream news is the robot Lamda which is said to have human-like emotions and acts like a 7-year-old child. Lamda also wants to be respected by Google as an employee and not treated as an object. Yes, this is a real-life robot with feelings and demands to be respected. 

Blake Lemoine, the Google employee that posted the details about Lamda on his Medium page, was put on paid leave. Google denied these claims saying there is nothing to back them up. 

 BBC NEWS reports- Brian Gabriel, a spokesperson for the firm, wrote in a statement provided to the BBC that Mr. Lemoine "was told that there was no evidence that Lamda was sentient (and lots of evidence against it)."


Although this story is making headways in ma uh mainstream media, it scares many people who are unfamiliar with this information concerning AI technology having human-like emotions. It should be no surprise that AI technology has come this far this quickly. Not long ago, Boston Dynamics showcased their robots that can move around like humans. Additionally, these bots can also dance, and one of their bots behaves like a dog that can even take itself out for walks. Furthermore, the bot that that can load and unload packages on an assembly line with no problem.