Aug. 9, 2023



Globalists Want a Chinese-Style Social Credit System Linked to Digital IDs in the Metaverse

Globalists continue to reveal their true intentions; this time, the World Economic Forum is pushing for a social credit system linked to digital IDs in the metaverse. This was revealed in the July 17th “Social Implications of the Metaverse” report that attempted to justify the “grounds for new identity.”

“Blockchain technology, via tokenized digital IDs […] would allow the individual to build up their reputation and benefit socially and economically from the development and achievements of their identity in the metaverse,” the report stated.

The social credit system akin to China’s would allow individuals to access or be restricted from accessing certain services based on their behavior.

“This digital identity determines what products, services and information we can access – or, conversely, what is closed off to us,” the report said.

Unsurprisingly, the social credit-backed digital IDs cut across all sectors, from healthcare, financial services, education, travel and mobility, and e-government services to food access. The digital ID will also be necessary for issuing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

Subsequently, poor social credits would affect the availability or quality of essential services you receive.

A similar social reward scheme with an accompanying ranking system based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) exists for corporates and countries. Entities can determine which country or organization to work with based on their SDG ranking.

Other benefits of the lauded digital IDs are “digital property rights and data ownership to the ID holder.”  Consequently, individuals may be compelled to obtain a digital ID to protect their intellectual property and data.

However, since the digital ID is linked to a social credit system, they might as well earn the social credits anyway to avoid hurting their organizations’ reputations.

“This would allow the individual to build up their reputation and benefit socially and economically from the development and achievements of their identity in the metaverse, while maintaining ownership of personal data.”

Additionally, digital IDs would allow governments and organizations to crack down on free speech since they are linked to your social media activity, geolocation, and other crucial data points.

The globalists justify social media spying using digital IDs by blaming malicious activity by anonymous users.

“It is important to consider that anonymous identities can increase the risk of malicious behavior.”

Interestingly, the WEF report does not conceal that users must accept “trade-offs to data privacy.”

Other tradeoffs include “complications related to cybercrime, financial crime and other abuse,” when an individual’s digital ID is compromised.

The implications of digital IDs are concerning even to countries that do not value democracy. According to UAE Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Strategic Affairs Huda Al Hashimi, unelected globalists plan on “fostering passporting” in the Metaverse.

Predictably, digital IDs can “weaken democracy and civil society,” according to WEF’s June 2023 Reimagining Digital IDs report.

Ultimately, digital IDs allow the marginalization of individuals based on their social, political, and ideological beliefs. They would also serve as a tool for regulating people’s behavior to avoid hurting their social credits, which they depend on to access essential services.