July 27, 2023





In a recent episode of the Alex Jones show, Jones aired a segment of the Greg Reese report which exposed billionaire occultist Elon musk. In the segment Reese exposed Musk as a fraud who claimed to have grew up poor but Reese states Musk grew up rich with emeralds. He also noted that his family has a history of abuse and witchcraft.



Musk only became a hero to the conservative base after he said a few things about the covid vaccine that at the time most people were afraid to say. He, like many other government plants took advantage of the chaotic pandemic of 2020 and the vaccine mandates in 2021. Musk was able to become a voice of reason in a world were reason had been thrown out of the window. That being said, Musk is, and always will be a globalist shill as Greg Reese proved in his segment.

Jones tried to run cover for Elon after the segment aired by making Musk sound like some renegade that broke away from the NWO and is now promoting freedom. Which is absolute bull shit and the wise will see right through it. Later in the segment Jones calls Musk “new world order, lite” but then touts some of the good things that Musk has stated such as preserving the family structure and freedom of speech. Jones would go on to claim that Musk’s stance on free speech is some how damaging the new world order. This could not be further from the truth. To be clear, freedom of speech is important but X posts or Twitter posts become irrelevant as we are inch closer to a cashless society, social credit scoring system with ESG scores, and fifteen minute city program under a the control grid of the ultra elites.

Once the world goes cashless the idea of one speaking out against the system will come to be a non issue. And the powerful elites know this. Which is why they allow people like Musk, Trump and Joe Rogan to have their moments of heroism. Yes it is the illusion of having a hero that keeps people inactive.


Over the past year, I have noticed that Alex Jones has treated Musk similar to that in which he treats Donald Trump. He will briefly point out some bad things about him and then he will quickly pivot and begin ranting about how the new world order is attacking him. Just because the NWO is pretending to attack Elon Musk it does not make him a rebel against the machine. Musk is a puppet  put into place to introduce the everything app “X”. 

Alex Jones wants you to believe that these billionaires that are knee deep in globalist money is some how fighting against that same globalist system. The claim he makes is that there is infighting among the powerful elites. And though I agree with Jones on this point, there has always been infighting amongst them but the system as a whole is more important to them than any petty disagreements they may have. That being said the the system remains intact and we are marching towards the new world order, CBDC, smart city nightmare. And despite what Alex Jones would have you believe neither Trump or Elon Musk will do a damn thing to stop it.

That is Morrow's Moment of Honesty.