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Host | Producer | Owner | Mediocre Businessman

He has done radio in every way, shape and format. From being one fo the earlier pioneers of webcasting from with his radio show "The Meat Shop" in 1998 to being an early podcaster back in 2007, Bower has always been labeled as ahead of his time. He has worked in rock radio at stations like KSJO in San Jose; KRZR in Fresno and X1039 in San Bernardino. He has done sports radio for WDFN in Detroit, WUCS/97.9 ESPN in Hartford WINZ in Miami, KKFN in Denver and on WOR in New York City. And even more groundbreaking broadcasting: Sirius Satellite Radio (before Howard and O&A) on Maxim Radio and as a part of EA's sports/pop-culture trivia game "Gameshow".

- The Bower Show
- Mt. Rockmore
- The Dad's Home Podcast
- And some more NEW pods on the way...

ALL are his way to blow off a little steam, get in a little trouble and have a wholehelluvalotta fun.

July 13, 2023

Top 5 Wrestlers of the SRTU Era | The Still Real to Us Show | Episode…

On this episode of The Still Real to Us Show, Jeff & Dr. Trey Franklin: - -- Celebrate the 700th episode of the podcast by bringing you their "Top 5 Wrestlers of the SRTU Era!"

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