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Jan. 12, 2022

RENS Episode 14: The Capital Raising Superhero with Ruben Greth

RENS Episode 14: The Capital Raising Superhero with Ruben Greth
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Ben had the honor to interview Ruben Greth, a popular podcast host of The Capital Raiser Show, a podcast about raising money for multifamily syndication. 

Join Ben as he talks to Ruben about multifamily syndication and be inspired and pumped up as Ruben in this episode!

Episode Highlights:

03:08 - Ruben’s transition from Corporate America to raising capital 

“One of my superpowers is connecting with capital raisers.”

13:04 - Systems that Ruben put in place for his capital raising business

18:44 - Ruben’s mentality from where he was before and where he’s at now

“When it comes to leads, LinkedIn has been #1 by far, and a way where people get into my calendar.”

28:21 - Ruben talks about the number of interviews he did for his podcast, some of the people he has featured, and the topics he has covered


We hope you enjoyed this episode and learned a lot from it! If you wanna hear something that you need more clarification on, or you have a guest that you’d like to recommend, feel free to contact Ben at the following links: 

LinkedIn:Benjamin Kogut

Instagram:Ben Kogut 

         Real Estate Niche Show 

Website:HJH Investments

Facebook:Real Estate Niche Show 

Connect with Ruben via:

LinkedIn:Ruben Greth

Podcast:The Capital Raiser Show 

Website:Legacy Acquisitions 

Schedule a call with Ruben on hisCalendly


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Thank you so much and we appreciate you listening in. See you in the next episode!