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June 6, 2022

106: When I Heard God's Plan For Me and I Left My Job

106: When I Heard God's Plan For Me and I Left My Job

After being Dream Crushed by Corporate America, Debby listened to the voice within that said "Leave this place and start writing!" Debby Krusz also known as Kruszewski is the published Author of Soul Meets Body, Precious and Fragile Things and Live to Tell. Her fourth novel, Date with Kate, is in process. All her novels are about following your heart. 

Debby is a Certified Dream Manager Coach and Business Consultant. A survivor of crushed Dreams and an expert in Dream rescue. If your Dream is a long-buried seed or a squashed bud, Debby is here to help you replant it, nurture it, and bring it to full bloom!
 Her program is ideal for employers who want to make an investment in their employees by making them the most successful version of themselves. Your employee morale will rise, productivity will increase, and turnover will decrease as a result of this dream pollination. Debby's programs are a great fit for businesses of any size. 

To connect with Debby: https://debbykrusz.com 

On her website,  book a consulting call and grab a free download of Soul Meets Body, her latest novel. 


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