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April 25, 2022

096: The Suffering Guy with Jim Barnard

096: The Suffering Guy with Jim Barnard

Jim is a pastor, coach, author, and a speaker who has a story to tell. He wrote (in The suffering guy. book) about his story not being the one he would have written for himself... he would have written something way cooler. "Why couldn't I be the 'my family owns an island guy'? That would absolutely crush at a party!" Instead his story is full of suffering, as his wife became seriously ill 3 months into marriage. It's been a long and hard road in the 15 years since, but God has shown them a pathway toward hope and an understanding that victory does not come in isolation. This is a story that he feels a great calling to share with others who are facing their own "expectation gaps." This is what he does professionally now: He give away free coaching for guys and couples who are suffering in the expectation gap.

To learn more: https://www.thesufferingguy.com

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