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Sept. 11, 2021

The Untouchable 1 With His Outfitts

The Untouchable 1 With His Outfitts

Untouchable 1 an up and coming artist, member and co founder w/ Al Koleon O Mob and Wolf of The Outfitt Music Inc. For those still sleepin’ – Untouchable 1 is about to wake ya up this year. Putting the veteran skills of Untouchable 1 from Capital O Entertainment’s own premier Rap crew Outfitt to their full potential – he’s hittin’ bars with lyrics strong enough to bend’em. An undeniable wordsmith armed with supreme knowledge and a genuine gift to deliver it straight to the people where it truly belongs through the real art of the rhyme – “They Watchin’” is more than mere entertainment – it’s the most important track the people are gonna hear in 2021, revealing how misinformation infects the mind and how savage the system is intricately stacked against us all, 100%. Taking on everything from the Illuminati to Big Government, Untouchable 1 has expertly crafted this single to shake listeners from their slumber – and the walls around them in the process! Fearlessly exposing the lies & corruption sold to the people through the media and unafraid to speak UP at the time it matters most – Untouchable 1 is a lyrical force to be reckoned with that pulls no punches. He takes his skills straight to the people this year and unleashes a verbal reckoning that takes no prisoners and spares no quarter for anyone with ill intent. Untouchable 1 is an authentic leader & unstoppable force in the Rap game. Make sure to check out his new single and all his other music, available on all major online platforms: 

“They Watchin’” April. 16th .