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Rap It Out

Rap It Out

Let's Rap It Out! As we take on young rappers to get to know their music and where they come from music wise. Guests, laughs, talks, and rapping will show the world what rapping is like for teens and adults like you and encourage you to get into songwriting and rapping.

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VibeKill, A Perfect Mix of Vibes and Killing It In Rapping

June 19, 2021

One of my closest friends gets to finally debut on this podcast, Vibekill, who is killing it in his…

10 FLIP, A Savior of Music Production

June 15, 2021

10 Flip is a music producer and songwriter from Maputo, Mozambique. Fueled with passion for music, …

Scotland's Greatest Rapper

June 12, 2021

One of RapPad's greatest writers (my opinion), please welcome to the stage, Ross Wilson aka Scotlan…

AHB Returns With An Upgrade!

June 8, 2021

AHB returns to the show with talks about new meaning to his rap career, tragic events happening in …

NevEd, The Blind Side Of A Rapper

June 5, 2021

This will be a brand new experience for us all so please tune into this one! Today I am here with N…

Rottweiler Nazen, The Raw Dog

June 2, 2021

This one has been held back for a while but now It's time for a view! Today we get a chance to inte…