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Rap It Out

Rap It Out

Rap It Out is a music podcast hosted by Musically where musicians, rappers, singers, songwriters, music producers, and people with musical talent comes on to give us an exclusive look into their music life and what it took to get there. This podcast allows artists from all backgrounds to talk about their musical journey, give them a platform to promote their music, and showcase their talent.

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Recent Episodes

Kasi, Industry Virgin

Sept. 18, 2022

All the way from Amsterdam, here comes Kasi! Tonight, we are talking about his SoundCloud, biggest influences, and his new single "Outta My Mind" out on September 18! Kasi is a new artist on the rise with lots of potential s…

Zoe Gabrielle, Tell Your Friends It's Her

Sept. 11, 2022

We're on to a great start! Our next guest is making her fresh debut and such an amazing way to start season 3! Let's welcome ZOE! Zoe Gabrielle is an upcoming solo singer/songwriter. Zoe Gabrielle’s sound mixes elements of m…

AYANA, Music At It's Best & Fresh

Aug. 29, 2022

AYANA is a self taught pianist, guitarist, vocalist, producer & song-writer. She draws inspiration from everything & everyone around her. She is currently working on many singles & music videos to show case all the different…

Blaze Bekay, No Limits Here

July 10, 2022

Blaze Bekay is a 19 y/o rapper from Denmark! A fresh coming out artist ready to take the stage. With his energetic flow, positive energy, and great personality, its gonna be all good to listen to his music. If you into what'…

NC.N, Future Major

June 25, 2022

Tonight's guest is a rare taste of music so watch it while you can! We get a chance to meet NC.N! He's an an upcoming rapper, producer from Australia. Music is what he enjoys and what he loves! Today we talk unique view and…

Adam Al Hassam, International Best Seller

June 14, 2022

Our next guest is such an international hit! Adam Al Hassam is an 18 year old kid from Slovakia who’s obsessed with listening to music because it pulled him through some of his darkest times. he has always looked up to the l…