Sept. 9, 2022

It's All About Fear, Power and Control: Do Not Comply

It's All About Fear, Power and Control: Do Not Comply

If you haven't figured it out after the last 2 years, let me simplify it for you.....the radical Marxist Far Left illegitimate Biden regime is all about weaponizing the 3 letter agencies the Executive Branch controls to seize control of you and your freedoms. 

IRS: control your money (hire 80,000 agents trained with lethal force to enter your home)

FBI: control your 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment rights, among others, and so Biden can use the power of the DOJ to make your life hell (look at Steve Bannon, General Flynn, President Trump, among many)

ATF: control your 2nd amendment rights 

CDC: control your health and behavior through the fake MSM; they and their recommendations are literally responsible for hundreds of thousands of dead Americans (ie holding back ivermectin and now its FDA approved for COVID!). They had to hold it back otherwise the FDA by law could not give Emergency Use Authorization to the so called vaccines, as there would have been a licensed alternative 

NSA: control your privacy: massive intrusions by listening to everything you do (get rid of SMART tech in your house, Amazon ECHO, smart appliances, TIK TOK, InstaGram, What's APP, etc.. they are either conduits for the CCP to listen in and collect your data) and or platforms of CCP funded BIG TECH to monetize and brainwash your kids; Also, make sure to turn off the GPS tracker and ads on your phone.  

There are more but you get the take action ! And take back your life and our country

God Bless