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Random Thoughts Episodes

March 30, 2022

Random Musings episode 102 - Reminiscing about my grandmother

Did you know that grandmother's day is celebrated on the 6thof March in France. In honour of that and so many other personal reas…

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March 23, 2022

Random Musings episode 101 - Horizontal Networking

Have you ever heard of the word horizontal networking?.. in this episode of random musings, I talk about the concept and why you …

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March 8, 2022

Random Musings episode 100 - Life Update

As you have noticed, I took a very unplanned from the podcast for about 2wks and I just couldn't get back into the groove of thin…

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Feb. 16, 2022

Random Musings episode 99 - Do Not Mind Your Business.

On this episode, I talk about some important issues that we should not be minding our business over and ignoring as the consequen…

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Feb. 1, 2022

Random Musings episode 98 - Backhanded Compliments

Have you ever gotten a compliment that didn't sound right in your ears because you could hear the underlying insult embedded in i…

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Jan. 19, 2022

Random Musings episode 97 - Guilty pleasures

We all have that one thing we indulge in that is completely bad for us and yet we can't seem to stop or leave it alone. On this e…

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Jan. 5, 2022

Random Musings episode 96 - New Year Resolutions

Despite the bad publicity that New year resolutions have, I have decided to have a shortlist of them this year, and in this episo…

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Dec. 14, 2021

Random Musings episode 95 - Lessons Learned in 2021

The year 2021 has been a rollercoaster ride of up and downs and this year I have learned some very valuable lessons and in this e…

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Sept. 29, 2021

Random Musing episode 92 - Life Isn't Fair (Pause and Reflect)

Life isn't fair and this fact was much more reiterated to me via a twist that happened on one of the biggest game reality shows t…

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Sept. 22, 2021

Random Musing episode 91 - Numbers

Numbers are quite so vital to our lives and I have always wondered why. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rafiat-…

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Sept. 1, 2021

Random Musing episode 90 - Being An Old Soul

Ever since I could remember, I have always felt that I was older than y true age and that my reasoning and awareness of things we…

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Aug. 27, 2021

Random Musing episode 89 - Sometimes We Are The Problem

in this episode of random musings, I talk about the fact that sometimes we are the ones who have issues, and maybe if we just too…

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Aug. 18, 2021

Random Musing episode 88 - The Self Made Conversation

is it possible to be self-made? is it possible to just rely on only your own efforts and skills to succeed? In this episode, I ta…

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Aug. 11, 2021

Random Musing episode 87 - The Grief Police

While it is true, the pain does not go away; Time does blunt the edges. Te sharp lances become dull aches, they sab over and we h…

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July 14, 2021

Random Musings episode 86 - A hyper sexualized Society

In this episode of random musings, I talk about why I feel that Nigeria is a hypersexualized Society and you can share your thoug…

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