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Fun Facts Episodes

Nov. 14, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Iphones

Iphones have been seen and believed to be one of the best smartphone that have been made available in the 21st century but while …

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Nov. 7, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Sleep

Along with breathing and eating is sleeping when it comes to our lives and function as human beings. This epiosde will expose you…

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Oct. 31, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Chocolates

Chocolates are happiness that you can eat they say, but is there more to this sweet thing that we love?...Find out more when you …

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Oct. 24, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - The Heart

The heart is one of the most important organ in our body and has quite alot of amazing and cool facts about it that i shared in t…

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Oct. 4, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Smiles

It is World Smile Day 😊 and if you haven't been smiling or sharing smiles, You should listen to this podcast now!!...☺😊 --- Se…

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Sept. 27, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Google

Google has become much more than just a search engine and a verb...some might even argue that it is now a way of life...But what …

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Aug. 30, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Photographs

In celebration of world photography day that was marked not too long ago... Listen to cool and amazing facts about photographs …

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Aug. 9, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Fruits

Fruits are tasty and sweet but do you also know they have some facts that might make your mind go bananas(pun intended).. Listen …

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July 19, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Emoji

Emoji have become a daily part of our communication and it is almost hard to imagine what our messages where initially without th…

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July 12, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Cars

Did you know that there are over 1billion cars in the world?....Listen in to this episode to find out more cool facts about cars …

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July 5, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Football

Did you know football was the most watched and played game on EARTH!.... I was shocked too😱....Listen in to tis episode of Fun Fa…

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June 21, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Music

It is world music day and I am celebrating the magic of music by sharing some very amazing and fun filled facts about Music... Ta…

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June 13, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Travelling

In this episode I talk about some amazing facts about travelling and also ask you to share with your unforgettable memories of tr…

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May 23, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - The eyes

The Eyes are the mirror to the soul they say, but what else is so special and unique about this organ?.... Listen in to Find out.…

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April 25, 2019

Fun Facts Friday - Colours

Colours make our world and life beautiful but do you know they also affect our taste?.. Oh well, Find out more fun facts about th…

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