Aug. 24, 2022

S4 E6: The Amazing Benefits of Water Fasting

S4 E6: The Amazing Benefits of Water Fasting
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Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Would you like to significantly increase your life span with maximum health and vitality? If yes - this podcast is for you – a MUST listen! Make yourself comfy as this podcast is long, but oh, so worth every minute of it!

Join me in this mind-boggling, eye-opening, life changing and potentially lifesaving interview with Dr Alan Goldhamer, one of the world’s leading experts on medically supervised water-only fasting, and a fountain of knowledge on a multitude of related topics.

From the amazing benefits of water-only fasting for our health and longevity, to the biological, social and cultural conditioning of women and men, my Guest brings up a new narrative for the prevention and cure of many common health conditions and diseases, which the medical profession in the main chooses to ignore.

In this episode you will learn:

  • what is water fasting
  • intermittent fasting vs long-term fasting
  • what common and dangerous health conditions it eliminates or mitigates
  • the physiology, psychology and medical framework of fasting
  • the role of dopamine
  • the process and protocols of fasting
  • the risks and precautions
  • how to escape the Pleasure Trap with the SOS strategy
  • why exercise before breakfast burns more visceral fat
  • And much more!

Educational, bold, inspiring, engaging and fun

Enjoy and please share - most importantly with your doctor!

Resources: (lymphoma case report update in British Medical Journal)  (fasting and Lymphoma case report in British Medical Journal) (fasting and high blood pressure) (fasting and moderate high blood pressure) (fasting mechanisms) (fasting lecture by Dr. Goldhamer) (Fasting safety study)



Dr Alan GoldhamerProfile Photo

Dr Alan Goldhamer

Expert in Water-Only Fasting

Dr. Alan Goldhamer is one of the world’s leading experts on medically supervised, water-only fasting. Articulate, inspiring, and energetic, he is a frequent lecturer and speaker on fasting, diet, and treatment of chronic diseases to achieve optimum health.

Dr. Goldhamer is the author of The Health Promoting Cookbook and co-author of The Pleasure Trap—Mastering the Hidden Force That Undermines Health and Happiness. He is also the principle author of two landmark studies that showed evidence of the benefits of water-only fasting, as well as numerous case reports published in peer reviewed indexed journals evaluating the effects of water-only fasting in the treatment a variety of conditions.

In 1984, Dr. Goldhamer founded and became Director of TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa, California; since then, he has supervised the fasting and care of more than 20,000 patients. TrueNorth Health is a multidiscipline practice that includes doctors of medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, and psychology. Its healthcare providers treat patients with conditions ranging from high blood pressure and diabetes to autoimmune disorders and lymphoma.

The Center is the largest facility in the world specializing in medically supervised, water-only fasting and one of the premier training facilities for doctors to gain certification in the supervision of therapeutic fasting.