Feb. 22, 2022

S3 E7: Altered States of Consciousness (P1)

S3 E7: Altered States of Consciousness (P1)
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This podcast is so jam-packed that I had to split it into two parts. Make yourself comfy and join me and my special guest Mela Borawski as we dive into the bottomless rabbit hole of altered states of consciousness.An esoteric binging heaven!

To unpack this huge and complex scientific–philosophical-spiritual topic in an easy to follow way, we are using my model of the human brainwaves creating different states of consciousness, to which we can link the various spiritual experiences and psychic phenomena.

We start off by answering the existential question: What is consciousness? (YES! We did!), and then for over two hours we unpack, unveil, discuss, explain and swap notes on the five altered states of consciousness we can experience in the Gamma, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Death brainwaves.  And what about the Beta? you ask - Listen to find out!

We talk about Out of Body Experience (OBE); the Ayahuasca and plant medicine;  psychic gifts – explaining all the “clairs”; Theta meditation; energy healing; death and dying; Near Death Experience (NDE); reincarnation, the Afterlife; soul journeys; and so much more.

Some of the most juicy topics you may not have heard before are: What is (really) remote viewing; where our consciousness goes while we are asleep; and a comprehensive overview of the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children which includes an indispensable advice for the parents.

On a spooky note - we had some serious spirit activity on Mela’s side during the interview recording with first her phone going off with audible messages and then the printer itself turning on and printing without being touched, both disrupting the recording! A ladybird appearing out of nowhere on the printer in a middle of the night was most likely the calling card of the spirit wanting to join in on our conversation:-)

Enjoy and please share!


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Human Brainwaves and their Correlation to the Meditative State 

Guided Theta Meditation Online Teaching Sessions

Instructional Theta Meditation Package

This is Part 1. This episode continues to Part 2.

Online School: Greenwild Mystical Academy 

Books:Manifest with the Moon Journal & the Spell & Ritual Journal on Amazon. 


Mela BorawskiProfile Photo

Mela Borawski

Energy Healer, Author, Podcaster

Mela Borawski is an intuitive energy healer, hypnotherapist, author and self-proclaimed green hedge witch living in South Carolina. She is certified in Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Spiritual Studies and holds an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. 

Mela is the founder of 3 Rays of Light company and an online school, Greenwild Mystical Academy where she is Head Instructor. She is also the Host of a wonderful witchy podcast Belle, Book & Candle.