Sept. 1, 2021

S2 E5: Intuitive Reiki Healing with Erin Moore

S2 E5:  Intuitive Reiki Healing with Erin Moore
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If you are a healer or are interested in energy healing – this episode is for you. What is Reiki? How does it work? What does it mean to be an empath working with energy healing?  Is attunement necessary to be able to heal another person? How do you connect with the Spirit to serve as a conduit for the healing energy from the Quantum Field? Find out the answers to these and many more questions as I chat with Erin about her work and life as a healer.

Once we accept that everything is energy, - which by now is a well understood concept – we  can learn how to work with energy to induce healing by entraining the lower vibrations of the body with the higher vibrations of the quantum field directed by the healer. Of course, we are really talking about healing of the mind, body and soul as the multi-layer energy infused with consciousness – as that’s who we truly are.

Today we have a special guest with whom I am talking about one of my favorite topics – intuitive energy healing.  This is a great example of the interaction of the subtle, high frequency energies and matter – which of course, is also energy, just vibrating at a lower frequency.  Intuitive energy healing involves a conscious connection with the Spirit, the Quantum Field, which guides the healer through the healing process.

Enjoy and please share!


Erin MooreProfile Photo

Erin Moore

Reiki Practitioner

Erin Moore is an intuitive Reiki therapist and writer based in NY, who specialises in supporting highly sensitive people on their spiritual path. She uses energy healing, nutrition and intuitive tools to help empaths find self-acceptance, empowerment and healing. Erin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Masters degree in Health Communication; and is a certified Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach and End of Life Doula. Her interests include the Earth’s energy shifts, past lives and the role of nutrition in the healing process - which she writes about in her blog.