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Oct. 20, 2021

S2 E12: Channelling Ascended Masters with Christin Bjergbakke

S2 E12:  Channelling Ascended Masters with Christin Bjergbakke

Are you interested in spirit channelling?  Are you drawn to it?  Curious about it? Perhaps you are a Channel yourself?  In this fascinating conversation with my special guest Christin Bjergbakke, you will learn about her personal journey; what is channelling; how it is different from mediumship and psychic readings; why creativity is a form of channelling; about her channelled book and so much more!

This episode includes a live channelling session with a beautiful message from The Spirit.

Enjoy and please share!

Music: purple-planet.com


Christin Bjergbakke is a Spiritual Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, past-life therapist, author and soul coach, living in Denmark, near Copenhagen.

Christin is the Usher Channeller, receiving messages from Ascended Masters. She published her first book, "Channeled Messages of Love and Light", in 2020 and is co-authoring another book "Life Reimagined", to be published in November 2021.

From 2013-2018 she was Chair of the Danish Healers’ Association, dedicated to making Reiki healing a part of the national health system.

Christin offers soul coaching, Reiki sessions and runs retreats in Europe. Her main focus is being an Usher Channeller for a team of ascended masters she is working closely with.

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