Oct. 6, 2021

S2 E10: Quantum Human Design with Kristen Toscano

S2 E10: Quantum Human Design with Kristen Toscano
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What is Quantum Human Design? It sounds a bit spooky, like a computer generated  blueprint for our human life in this 3D reality.  And...that’s pretty much what it is!  The Grand Programmer is the Universe and this complex blueprint is created when we are still in utero and at the moment of our birth.

In this episode I chat with my guestKristen Toscano about the Quantum Human Design model, its links to astrology, I Ching  and The Kabbalah; its practical applications and whether it can be used to predict the future.

Enjoy and please share!

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Kristen ToscanoProfile Photo

Kristen Toscano

Quantum Human Design Coach

Kristen Toscano is a physical therapist turned Quantum Human Design™ coach based in NY. She combines Quantum Human Design™ with a variety of tools to help her clients realign the meanings they hold about themselves with their experiences.

Through her unique Life By Your Design process, Kristen guides her clients to get unstuck, stop taking flak from others and become their own authorities so they can create the lives and businesses they want without burning out in the process. With roots in Western New York, Kristen can often be found traveling across the country with her husband, Greg.