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Sept. 11, 2020

Quantum Health & Healing | QL040

Quantum Health & Healing | QL040

Is your health your top priority in life?  If not, it should be; after all, if you are healthy you can be, do and have anything you want.  If you are sick or ill with a serious or chronic disease, nothing else matters and your capacity to create your dreams and help others quickly goes down to zero. So, as they say – first things first: Maintaining a good health is a must.

We have come a long way from making herbal concoctions on a large fire stove in a dark hut in a forest…to chemical drugs and nuclear medicine…yet in a sense we have come the full circle, and stepped beyond it – from the Newtonian strict laws of physics to quantum freedom and unlimited healing potential.

Understanding the quantum nature of our reality – that everything is energy including our thoughts and emotions - is the stepping stone to embracing quantum healing. The secret of how we can use high frequency energy to heal our body and mind is revealed in this podcast.

You will learn about the Seven Principles explaining the process of quantum healing, the Three Aspects of Quantum Healing; the 10 Levels of Healing Modalities; and will also enjoy the highlights of my soothing and powerful "Quantum Healing" Guided Theta Meditation. Your concept of healing will never be the same!

There are three aspects of the Quantum Healing mastery:

  1. Understanding how your body works at the physical level and working with it, not against it
  2. Knowing what types of healing modalities are available and choosing the right one for you
  3. Understanding the quantum nature of reality -  that everything is energy including your body, thoughts and emotions; that all energy carries information embedded in its frequency which is passed on to other parts of the quantum field continuum (such as another person) instantly via frequency entrainment (similar to the tuning fork). The new information, which is both the intention and instruction, brings the body cells back into coherence which induces the healing.

These aspects are discussed with examples.

Enjoy and please share!

Music: purple-planet.com