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Sept. 17, 2019

Psychic Talk with Victoria Cochrane - Part 1 | Quantum Living | QL030

Psychic Talk with Victoria Cochrane - Part 1 | Quantum Living | QL030

Do you love all things psychic? Are you drawn to the mysterious and unknown? Tune in to my fascinating chat with Victoria Cochrane in which she shares with us, as a professional psychic and healer, her tips and advice on the key facets of a psychic journey. It is an inspired conversation that will lift your spirit and answer some of those burning questions about what goes bump in the night, how to awaken your psychic abilities, and why we are here, anyway...


Victoria Cochrane is a psychic channel, clairvoyant, medium, spiritual healer and medical intuitive. She is a Theta Healing practitioner and Usui Ryoho Reiki Master.

Victoria is the 2019 Tasmanian Psychic Expos’ Psychic of The Year. 

She is an author of three books and is currently writing the fourth one.


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Music: purple-planet.com

This episode continues to Part 2.

* Please note: the free Theta meditation offer mentioned in the podcast is no longer available *

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Victoria's Books available on Amazon

"Beyond Ascension 2012: Universal Truths"
"Raising the energies of Mother Earth: Towards and After Ascension 2012
"The Alignment of the Universe: Messages from Other Worlds"


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