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Feb. 20, 2021

Meditation: A Doorway to Your Divinity | QL054

Meditation: A Doorway to Your Divinity | QL054

People often ask me – What do I need to do to meditate? The short answer is – do nothing.  Simply close your eyes, take few deep, slow breaths, relax your entire body, empty your mind and be still.  That’s actually not an easy task for many people, with hundreds of thoughts flowing through their mind every minute. How do you stop a thought? Just as you would any pesky intruder demanding your attention – ignore it, don’t focus on it, don’t mentally or emotionally engage with it, note it and let it go…I know this is a funny concept, but try to think of…nothing. Focus on your experience of BEING.  There are few specific techniques you might find helpful such as following your breath or repeating a mantra.

This episode is an invitation for you to explore meditation as much more than a relaxation tool; as a medium which can take you to the next level of your spiritual evolution in a way that is right for you. You will hear, perhaps for the first time, an irrefutable evidence of your Divinity and what is the key secret to an effective meditation. 

While all meditation is beneficial, I explain and explore the particular, amazing qualities of Theta Meditation – which is when you meditate in the optimum Theta brainwaves of 4-8 Hz.

In this deep meditative state you can heal your mind and body; visualise and create your future; receive guidance and insights from your spiritual teachers; and completely rejuvenate as just 20 minutes inTheta will refresh you as much as eight hours of sleep. This state is a doorway between the physical plane and other dimensions; it is your internal channel for communicating with your Higher Self and ultimately, a place where you can understand who you really are beyond the shell of your physical body.

You will also learn why I teach Theta Meditation and why I would never recommend the binaural beats as a means of inducing a Theta state.

This episode includes an 8-min compilation highlight from the 33 min guided meditation -  a part of my recently published Instructional Theta Meditation Package with step by step guidance on how to achieve and maintain the elusive Theta state in your meditation. 

Enjoy and please share!

Music:  purple-planet.com