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October 20, 2021

S2 E12: Channelling Ascended Masters with Christin Bjergbakke

Are you interested in spirit channelling? Are you drawn to it? Curious about it? Perhaps you are a Channel yourself? In this fascinating conversation with my special guest Christin Bjergbakke, you will learn about her pers...

Channelling & Mediumship Reincarnation & Past Life Regression Soul Journey

October 13, 2021

S2 E11: Sound Healing Journeys with Gabriela Bocanete

There is much more to sound healing than meets the eye, or the ear in this case. In this episode, I chat with my guest Gabriela Bocanete about her healing journey; the spiritual nature of gongs; the benefits of a 7.5 hr gong...

Energy Healing Holistic Wellness Sound Healing

October 06, 2021

S2 E10: Quantum Human Design with Kristen Toscano

What is Quantum Human Design? It sounds a bit spooky, like a computer generated blueprint for our human life in this 3D reality. And...that’s pretty much what it is! The Grand Programmer is the Universe and this complex bl...

Astrology Divination Personal Empowerment

September 29, 2021

S2 E9: Witchcraft & Magick: A Quantum Conversation with Mela Borawski

An inspiring, fun and deep quantum-witchy conversation you will definitely enjoy. Some of the topics we cover include: What is witchcraft vs paganism vs wicca; Are all witches linked to dark energies and do they fly on broom...

Psychic Gifts & Spirit Connection Quantum Reality Witchcraft & Magick

September 22, 2021

S2 E8: Transcending The Soul Shadow with Stacy Musial & Sam Fernandez

A profound, engaging and fun conversation with my two special guests Stacy and Sam about several aspects of transcending the soul shadow as a pathway to become the best version of ourselves. We chat about the ascension and p...

Personal Empowerment Quantum Psychology Soul Journey

September 15, 2021

S2 E7: Horse Magic with Ann-Britt Bolinder

Did you know that horses have psychic abilities and can read our mind and soul? In this special episode, I'm chatting with Ann-Britt Bolinder , an expert in the equine experiential learning who took it to the next level of q...

Communicating With Animals Energy Healing Holistic Wellness

September 08, 2021

S2 E6: Feng Shui Your Life with Krystal Holm

Have you ever wondered how to improve the energy flow in your home or office to create better outcomes in your life? The ancient art of Feng Shui can give you the answer. In my enlightening conversation with Krystal, you will...

Energy Healing Energy Systems Holistic Wellness