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December 01, 2021

S3 E1: The Field of Dreams with Fabio Novo

What are dreams? Where do they come from? Why do we dream? Can we work with dreams to change our reality? What are lucid dreams? Find the answers to these any many more questions about dreams and dreaming in this fascinati...

Personal Empowerment Quantum Reality Sleep & Dreams

November 17, 2021

S2 E16: Metaphysics 101 with Will Rodriguez

Deeply personal, honest, raw, profound, unexpected, inspiring, magical, beautiful conversation with my special guest Will Rodriguez about what matters and doesn’t matter in this quantum-mystical reality we call Life, which we...

Mysticism, Metaphysics & Esoteric Teachings Quantum Reality Soul Journey

November 10, 2021

S2 E15: Beyond The Rabbit Hole with Saul Ravencraft

This episode is a sequel to Down The Rabbit Hole , as I continue my enchanted conversation with Saul Ravencraft , an Executive Occultist, this time going well beyond the rabbit hole.... Join us (if you dare!), as we talk abou...

Extra-Terrestrials & Extra-Dimensionals Mysticism, Metaphysics & Esoteric Teachings Time Travel Witchcraft & Magick

November 03, 2021

S2 E14: Down The Rabbit Hole with Saul Ravencraft

Come on down the rabbit hole with us, if you dare... As I chat with my special guest Saul Ravencraft, an Executive Occultist, about all things that defy logical explanation, the story unfolds its gifts that are magickal, fun,...

Mysticism, Metaphysics & Esoteric Teachings Quantum Wisdom Witchcraft & Magick