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September 21, 2022

S4 E8: Quantum Healing With Biofield Tuning

Fascinating. Inspiring. Profound. Educational. Surprising. Engaging. Fun. Tune in (pun intended) to this amazing conversation with my special guest – Eileen Day McKusick – a pioneer and expert in vibrational therapy and sound...

Alternative Therapies Energy Healing Energy Systems Quantum Living

September 06, 2022

S4 E7: The 6th Sense of Quantum Living

Quantum Living is about being aware of and present in both the physical reality and the spiritual dimensions at the same time, and using both to our advantage. Are you living in a quantum way? Do you know how to access and de...

Psychic Gifts & Spirit Connection Quantum Living Quantum Wisdom

August 24, 2022

S4 E6: The Amazing Benefits of Water Fasting

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Would you like to significantly increase your life span with maximum health and vitality? If yes - this podcast is for you – a MUST listen! Make yourself comfy as this podcast i...

Health & Nutrition Holistic Wellness Quantum Inspiration

August 10, 2022

S4 E5: The Secret Question

Have you ever wondered why you can’t manifest things you want in spite of all your efforts? Tune in to learn the Secret Question you need to ask yourself to find the answer and remove the blockage. Short, simple yet powerful....

Personal Empowerment Quantum Living Quantum Wisdom

July 25, 2022

S4 E4: Healing Through The Quantum Field

You will LOVE this uplifting and fun conversation with my special guest Julie Ryan , a Medical Intuitive and Psychic, about the paranormal, quantum and spooky things that are simply a part of our life. We are chatting about a...

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