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August 10, 2022

S4 E5: The Secret Question

Have you ever wondered why you can’t manifest things you want in spite of all your efforts? Tune in to learn the Secret Question you need to ask yourself to find the answer and remove the blockage. Short, simple yet powerful....

Personal Empowerment Quantum Living Quantum Wisdom

July 25, 2022

S4 E4: Healing Through The Quantum Field

You will LOVE this uplifting and fun conversation with my special guest Julie Ryan , a Medical Intuitive and Psychic, about the paranormal, quantum and spooky things that are simply a part of our life. We are chatting about a...

Channelling & Mediumship Energy Healing Ghosts & The Afterlife

July 11, 2022

S4 E3: Is Consciousness All That Is?

A fascinating conversation with my special guest Dr Eben Alexander about Consciousness, so rich and insightful I promise you will want to listen to it more than once :-) A well-known guest on The Dr. Oz Show , S uper Soul Sun...

Altered States Of Consciousness OBE, NDE & Astral Projection Quantum Reality

June 27, 2022

S4 E2: A Matter of Time

In this episode I'm exploring TIME - one of the least understood and most mysterious aspects of our reality, which we are usually taking for granted. It invites us right into the point where science meets spirituality, teach...

Quantum Living Quantum Wisdom Time Travel

June 13, 2022

S4 E1: Step Into Your Power

Welcome to Season 4 of my Quantum Living® podcast - At the Intersection of Science and Spirituality. After a few weeks on hiatus, we are back! In this episode I provide an overview of the key changes in Season 4 and talk abou...

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