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April 26, 2022

S3 E13: The Science & Spirit of Astrology

Do you read your weekly or monthly horoscope? Do you consult an astrologer about your future? Do you think of astrology as metaphysical science or a curious entertainment game that will impress your friends at a party? Whate...

Astrology & Predictions Personal Empowerment

April 20, 2022

S3 E12: Journey of The Heart

Join me for this inspirational conversation with my special guest Darren Marc as we talk about Journey of the Heart – which is the title of his recent book and so much more! Darren shares with us his spiritual journey from me...

Channelling & Mediumship Meditation Spirituality

April 05, 2022

S3 E11: The Akashic Records of Soul Journeys

You may be familiar with the concept of the Akashic Records - a Universal Library of every soul's journey; yet this conversation will open your eyes to some aspects of the Akashic Records you have not heard before. In this fu...

Altered States Of Consciousness Reincarnation, Other Lives & Akashic Records

March 30, 2022

S3 E10: Making Money is Easier Than You Think

Join me for this riveting, inspiring, unique conversation on how to manifest money and create abundance with my Special Guest Sandy Forster. Few people are better qualified to give you this kind of advice than Sandy, who went...

Personal Empowerment Quantum Living

March 22, 2022

S3 E9: Near Death Experience - A Karmic Reset

Unexpected. Mesmerising. Powerful. Profound. My interview with the survivor of not one, not two but three near death experiences (NDEs) Robert Kopecky has quickly turned into a deep philosophical discussion about life and dea...

OBE, NDE & Astral Projection Soul Journey